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STEP 7 Top Up Horse Supplement - Ration Balancer

$32.80 CAD

Step 7 -Top Up Supplement – Ration Balancer is a low inclusion balancer for horses consuming non-complete feeds such as oats or COB (corn, oats, barley), or for topping up your horses’ nutritional program. It is also suitable for horses on pasture, over-conditioned horses and for horses with low energy requirements.  

Elevate your horse's performance and hoof health with STEP 7 Top Up Horse Supplement. Designed with elevated proteins, vitamins, and minerals, this low-inclusion, cost-effective pellet is highly palatable and promotes a strong immune system. Perfect for balancing out forage and feed, this supplement also includes prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy gut. A sophisticated choice for stable owners seeking a complete nutritional program.