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Serving generations of British Columbia farmers, ranchers and homeowners since 1903.

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Pet Supplies

Pet Food
Pet Accessories

We carry everything from dog food and cat food, to pet toys and pet accessories to keep all your furry family members happy and healthy!

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Garden Supplies

Garden Shop

Step into our garden centre and shop our vast selection of plants, trees, and home décor. We have all the landscaping supplies you need to create an oasis in your own backyard!

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Purity Feed Farm Supplies

Farm Store

Products and services for the hardworking farmers and ranchers of British Columbia

Your Animal Feed Store

  • bag of Step Right equine supplement meant for horses

    Livestock Feed

    Proper nutrition for your livestock can't be understated. Purity Feed has the products and the expertise to make sure your animals are well sustained through every stage of life. Our full line of Step Right Equine food provides nutritionally balanced diets for foals to senior horses. We also carry livestock feed and supplement products to support your other farm animals at all stages of life. If you have questions, our knowledgeable staff is here to help.

  • a bag or Boreal dog food with a picture of a wolf on the front

    Pet Food

    If you've visited us before, chances are you've seen several dogs and cats roaming around. At Purity Feed, we are big pet enthusiasts - and we know you are too! That's why we offer everything you need to ensure your furry family members are well taken care of. Our assortment of top-notch dog and cat food includes reputable brands such as Acana, Now, and Canadian Naturals, known for their nourishing ingredients.

  • a bag of Natural Harvest poultry feed

    Poultry & Gamebirds

    Nothing beats farm fresh eggs! Whether you're tending to chickens, ducks, or quail, Purity Feed provides gamebird nutrition you can rely on. Enhance poultry digestion with our Cherry Stone Grit and explore our extensive range of feed options, from flax seed to pellets to crumble, perfect for all poultry and gamebirds.

  • a bag of Mother Nature's wild bird seed

    Bird Seed

    Don't let our feathered friends in the sky slip your mind! Purity Feed has got you covered. Fill the air with the sweet songs of birds by stocking up on all their essentials. From wild bird seed to suet to hummingbird nectar, we've got it all. And don't forget, we also have a variety of bird feeders and birdbaths to keep your winged visitors happy.

a corn field with four grain silos in the background


At Purity Feed, we recognize the significance of agricultural services to our province and are committed to aiding farmers in their crucial role within their communities. Our goal is to offer a range of products and services to support B.C. farmers and producers as they strive to provide these essential services.

large herbicide sprayers mounted on skids at Purity Feed

Specialized Services

Purity Feed has partnered with the Thompson Nicola Regional District to provide agriculutral services to TNRD residents. Learn more about these offers below.

a dog and cat next to each other, both looking upward in the same direction


There is nothing like being greeted at the front door by your loving dog after a long day of work, or curling up on the couch to read a book with your affectionate cat. At Purity Feed, it is our pleasure to connect animal lovers with products and services to keep their pets healthy and happy.

a well manicured front lawn and garden with the sun setting behind a house in the background

Landscaping & Gardening

Do you dream of a yard bursting with nature - with plants and trees blooming in beautiful synchronicity? Or perhaps your goals are more modest and just keeping unsightly weeds at bay would be enough. However big or small your gardening aspirations are, Purity feed has the products and resources you need to make it happen. Visit our garden shop to see for yourself!

Big Yellow Bag large tarpaulin bag with the words "Black Garden Soil" printed on the front

Big Yellow Bag

In addition to providing Big Yellow Bag soil and aggregate products in the Thompson/Nicola regions, Purity Feed also provides a free return service for your Big Yellow Bag once you are done with it. Just drop it off at your nearest Purity Feed garden centre in Kamloops or Merritt!

a man in denim jeans pulls on his Blundstone boots while sitting on a large wooden spool in a grassy field

Boots & Shoes

Purity Feed is your one-stop-shop for quality footwear. Featuring top brands such as Blundstone, Dryshod, and Glerups.