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Earthway Broadcast Spreader Commercial

$459.95 CAD

  • PATENTED SIDE SPREAD CONTROL: Our new innovative design allowed us to eliminate side deflectors. This design feature protects your flowerbeds and sidewalks by allowing you to control the spread pattern. Patent U.S. 10,993,368
  • EVEN-SPREAD: The EarthWay three-hole drop system measures 50% of the fertilizer to the left and right of the centerline to achieve an accurate application rate.
  • HEAVY-DUTY, DURABLE CONSTRUCTION MAKES YOUR SPREADER LAST AND LAST: From steel “T” bar handle to the frame specifically designed for even weight distribution with widespread 13″ pneumatic stud tires. Even better, the sturdy tires won’t go flat, making it easy to spread fertilizer, salt, or seed on slopes or other uneven ground. Because of the engineering of the tires, EarthWay’s 2170 spreader is built to go and go. Debris screen to keep clumps from clogging the shut-off system.
  • CAPACITY & ERGONOMIC: 100 LB capacity hopper attached to a sturdy tubular steel frame with an adjustable length handle for taller operators.
  • MADE COMPLETELY IN THE USA: EarthWay products are 100% Made in the USA by our manufacturing personnel. Every part of the assembly process is completed in the United States. You will not find any “assembled in America with globally sourced materials” products here.
  • WARRANTY: 1-Year Limited Warranty

This contractor-grade spreader provides an accurate and even spread pattern for all types of material. With a heavy-duty gearbox, 2170 is a must-have for your contractor crews, rental fleet, or if you are that person who seeks quality tools that last a lifetime. This mix of high performance and great price gives the Commercial user, or the homeowner with a large lawn, the capabilities of handling large areas easily. 2170 is designed from the ground up for easy operation and long trouble-free service. Our patented EVEN-SPREAD® 3-hole drop system will allow for the balanced spreading of all types of granular material. The 2170 is a must-have for any commercial material applicator. You have the option to include these items: Cover – #F77130 or a 3-Sided Deflector – #60166R. WARRANTY: 1-Year Limited Warranty