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Natural Harvest 15% Step 4 Poultry/Gamebird Dev Mash 20kg

$23.25 CAD

For Layers: Natural Harvest 15% Poultry Developer Crumbles should be offered to layer chicks from 14 weeks of age until point of lay. At frst egg, transition to Natural Harvest Step 5: 18% Golden Peak-of-Lay Pellets.

For Broilers: Natural Harvest 15% Poultry Developer Crumbles should be fed to meat birds from 25 days of age to market.

For Turkeys: Turkeys may be fed Natural Harvest Step 4: 15% Poultry Developer Crumbles after 15 weeks of age as the sole ration until market.

Always provide ample clean, fresh water. For further information, please refer to the Natural Harvest Poultry Feeding Guide available at your local Trouw Nutrition Canada dealer.

Caution: Directions for use must be carefully followed.