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Micro Clover for Lawns

$36.95 CAD


Microclover® is a very tiny white clover. The unique small leaved clover is developed specifically for use together with turf grasses and has a special ability to grow in between the grass plants, keep an even distribution over the turf and supply the grass with the nitrogen needed. Furthermore, it keeps the turf dense and thereby it decreases the amount of weeds and the amount of work you need to put into it. 

Microclover® is a leguminous species. Legumes can fix nitrogen from the air which eliminates the need for artificial fertilizer. This N-fixation takes place in the root nodules formed by the symbiotic Rhizobium bacteria. The continuous process of roots dying and degenerating means the accumulated nitrogen is available to the surrounding grass plants.  This is truly a sustainable solution. 

Microclover® is a plant that produces stolons so that it can spread itself evenly in the turf. This means it is good for closing bare spots quickly, which ultimately reduces the chance that weeds can be established and therefore you do not need to spend so much time on weed control. Additionally, the stolons allow it to regenerate itself after severe stress giving you a green turf faster. 

Microclover® is adapted to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions tolerating wet and shade conditions, as well as drought. However, it can only tolerate wet conditions as long as the area is not flooded for long periods. Lawn & Garden