Purity Feed
Purity Feed

Turf Seed

Purity offers landscape professionals and home gardeners the finest selection of turfgrass blends and mixes specifically designed for lawns in the BC interior. We have exclusive enviro-lawn product, specially formulated for areas that require fewer inputs and less maintenance, the latest and greatest turf varieties for sports fields to reclamation projects in the landscape, mining, forestry and construction industries. We also offer a full range of native and non-native seed species in mixes or individual seed bags as well as the hydro-seeding materials and ground application equipment for easy application.

Most Popular:

  • Five Star Lawn Seed Mix - Five Star Lawn Mix is a combination of Kentucky Blue Grass and Red Fescue.

  • Enviro Lawn Seed - Low Maintenance - A drought tolerant, low maintenance grass mixture that is suitable for growing in the interior of British Columbia.
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