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Purity Feed

Poultry Supplies

  • Feed: Purity has a great selecton of poultry feeds in 20kg and Mini Bulk sizes, including certified organic, GMO free and regular commercial feed.

  • Need Chicks? Bird orders start coming in April until end of June. Mix and Match types available. We can bring in meat and egg laying chicks including White and Brown Leghorns, Cornish Giant Pullets, Cornish Rock Giants, Red Sussex Cross and Rhode Island Reds. Pre-orders only. 25 bird minimum. Check out types and pricing here.

  • Point of Lay Birds Ready to lay chickens are coming back again to Purity in Kamloops. Perfect for ordering small quanities of birds. 16 week old laying Isa-Brown Cross birds. Gentle productive. Great for small coups. Call for more details.

  • Both Purity locations offer a complete selection of poultry supplies for your operation including heat lamps, waterers, buckets, vitamins, chicken wire, straw, shavings, disinfectants, antibiotics and, of course, plenty of free expert advice. Check out all of our products:

    Galvanized Poultry

    Plastic Poultry

    Incubation & Nesting and Egg Baskets

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