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Helicopter Aerial Application Services

Purity Farm and Garden has been a leader in the Helicopter aerial application programs since 2003. Our aerial services include invasive weed management, aerial seeding and fertilizing of forestry sites, grassland management and reclamation projects for the pipeline, mining industry, utility right of ways, ski hills and oil/gas field industries throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

We also offer the benefits of a professional accomplished team of employees and pilots with decades of hands-on experience in the precision aerial application business across Canada.

The Purity Aerial Application Programs are considered one of the safest, most cost effective means of vegetation control for open grasslands, reclamation seeding, forestry health application and applications within poorly accessible areas.

Our aerial application program is also supported by the TNRD 50% cost share program for private landowners that utilize our services for invasive weed control on private property. See TNRD link: www.tnrd.ca/content/rebate-and-cost-share-programs

Invasive Plant Control

Invasive plants are those plants that do not occur naturally in ecosystems in British Columbia. They pose a threat to our native environment and are recognized globally as the second greatest threat to biodiversity. The presence of invasive plants can cause environmental and/or economic harm, and some species can harm human health. They are extremely aggressive, reproduce rapidly, and often out-compete crops and native vegetation in rangeland and established pastures in the BC interior.

In consultation with private land owners, First nations, regional and provincial governments and other industry partners, Purity Farm and Garden offers a well- developed precision aerial application service to control and manage invasive weeds in sensitive grasslands and rangeland regions. We have treated thousands of acres of private grasslands used for cattle grazing, first nation’s reserves for wildlife conservation, mine sites and utility/ transmission interests’. Let our experienced professional staff work with you to develop a program to restore your grasslands and to prevent the spread of invasive weeds.

Invasive plants controlled include:

  • Diffuse and Spotted Knapweed
  • Sulphur cinquefoil
  • Orange and Yellow Hawkweed
  • Oxeye Daisy
  • Canadian Thistle
  • Burdock
  • Hounds Tongue
  • Many more…



Brush Control

Brush control is an important process in maintaining healthy grasslands by preventing the encroachment of brush species such as poplar, aspen, western snowberry (Buckbrush) and wild rose. Brush control ultimately enhances grassland productivity which translates to enhanced cattle and wildlife grazing values.

Our Helicopter Aerial Application Spray Program is highly cost effective, safer and time efficient than traditional mechanical brush control treatments. Let us help you control your unwanted brush. We have extensive experience in grassland, utility and transmission lines and mine site aerial projects.

Brush Controlled:

  • Buckbrush
  • Snowberry
  • Wild Rose
  • Saskatoon
  • Poplar
  • Aspen



Forest Health

Over the past ten years, we have experienced growth in the request for the control of forestry insect pests on private forestry woodlots and high value forestry areas. Forest insect pests can destroy a healthy stand of trees in a very short period of time resulting in an ugly landscape as well as increasing the fire threat and potential loss of income for real estate development or timber sales. Working in conjunction with the BC Ministry of Forests, we deliver Aerial Application Services for private land owners that mirrors the programs offered by the Ministry. This program utilizes certified organic insecticide products (BTK) and follow strict provincial guidelines to ensure safety and successful efficacy to control forestry pests.



Aerial Seeding

Whether you are dealing with mine reclamation, completing a highway project, reseeding a grassland or reclaiming a site along a pipeline, Purity offers a complete aerial seeding and fertilizing program. Our trained professional agrologist (P.Ag.) will recommend seed mixes, fertilizer blends and application rates to help you achieve your desired project outcomes. For more information or assistance give us a call.


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